Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Makes Acting Debut!

Carla Bruni with Woody Allen

The supermodel-turned-singer-turned-President's wife Carla Bruni-Sarozy has decided to enter another new arena: acting! And she isn't working with any old director either! She's in the comedy 'Midnight in Paris' which is directed by the one and only Woody Allen. With all the hype this role has received I thought Bruni-Sarkozy would at least have a decent part in the movie- but alas in the scene the paparazzi caught her filming she had to walk in and out of a small grocery store with a baguette... that scene must have taken a lot of preparation! But Woody Allen being notorious for his need for perfection made her redo the scene several times!

The movie also stars big names like Owen Wilson and the former supermodel commented about her insecurity with her acting skills- but I guess when your husband is the French President it doesn't matter if you're talented. Personally, I think this is an easy publicity stunt pulled by Woody Allen to make sure his film succeeds!

Let's admit it: most people -myself included- will watch the movie just to see Mrs. Sarkozy attempt to act.

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