Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene… Love Triangle?

Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were considered one of the cutest Disney couples, when they sang a duet together and appeared in numerous shows like American Idol they only added to the hype hence it was no surprise that when they two broke up a lot of fans were disappointed.

However, Joe is moving on pretty fast and despite all the allocations, Joe has been caught twice on a date with Twilight’s vamp Ashley Greene. Although close friends to Ashley say that she is dating actor Brock Kelly, she takes Joe only as a friend and he has been trying for a while to date her but she doesn’t share his feelings.

Moreover, Demi Lovato and Joe are going to be on tour together, Joe told Ryan Seacrest that it “will not be awkward” between them because they are really good friends. Demi, who had being compared to Miley Cyrus, said that she will not change and remain as she is!

On another note, Nick Jonas recently finished his musical adaptation of ‘Les Miserable’ in the UK and is heading back to the USA. Nick tweeted about how sad he is to leave and that he will miss all of his friends.

Who would you rather Joe dates, Ashley or Demi?

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