Rihanna Hits the Big Screen Battleship Style

Rihanna and Alexander Skarsgard

Rihanna is definitely looking to expand her horizon as she makes her first movie debut. The Barbadian singer had a successful streak ever since her first album Music of the Sun which was released in 2005, and through all the bumps of the past year she still managed to release an amazing album (Rated R) with multiple hit songs.

Battleship is a science fiction war film which is adapted from the famous board game with the same name. Rihanna will be starring alongside Friday Night Light’s hottie Taylor Kitsch and True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard. The movie is going to be directed by Peter Berg and it will take place in the sea as marine navies will protect the world from alien invaders. A. R Rahman the Oscar winning Indian composer will be responsible for the music of the film.

The movie will be released in May 25, 2012, if everything goes as planned and will be set in the beautiful landscapes of Madagascar, Georgia, Tampa, Brazil and Australia.

What do you think of this upcoming action flick? Will Rihanna’s first movie debut be unsuccessful? I personally believe that Rihanna never fails to impress and she would do an excellent job in this film.

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