Jude Law Topless on the Beach

Jude Law on the beach with Sienna Miller

Sexy Jude Law was recently spotted shirtless on the beach in Italy along with his gorgeous fiancée actress Sienna Miller and Jude’s three children! Seems like Miller is stepping into a readymade family, can she handle it?

Water splashing, tanning and playing around and, they all looked like a very happy family, seems like Jude is ready to do anything to satisfy his girl; how about he starts this relationship again but without a nanny?

Jude was showering Sienna with kisses all day without giving the paparazzi any attention seems like the actor is serious this time and nothing will stop him from showing his love to his girl after the beach’s hot make out session seems like the lovebird were out shopping in Italy. Rumor has it that a French wedding is on the way soon this summer... will keep you updated!

By guest writer Tam

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