Robert Pattinson: Teen Choice Award, Car Crash and Break-Up

Robert Pattinson

Here is what you need to know, the Teen choice Award is confirmed, the car crash is minor and the break-up is a rumor.

Twilight saga star Robert Pattinson has got girls going mad ever since he decided to play the romantic vampire ‘Edward Cullen’. However, Robert has been doing films from a young age; hence he is not new to the business and has a strategic plan to everything he is doing. Or so we hope!

Recently it was confirmed the Rob will be going to the Teen Choice Award which will be on august 9 alongside co-star Ashley Greene, the show will be hosted by Katy Perry and will have numerous special performances. Also, Sandra Bullock, Zac Efron and Leighton Meester are amongst those attending the Teen Choice Award.

Recently, Rob crashed his car whilst leaving his friends house in Malibu. As he was driving out of the house a bunch of vultures attacked him (paparazzi) making it impossible for him to see, which resulted in him hitting a car of an innocent bystander, who has no complains that a hotshot celebrity bumped his car. Rob and friend were enjoying a peaceful day, going to the cinema, and then hanging out; too bad his day was ruined.

Finally, for the past weeks rumors have been surfing all over the media about Kristen and Robert, some say they broke up, others say there is a love triangle which involves Taylor Lautner. The hard question is what do we believe, what is the truth and what are the lies? Here is what I know, whatever is happening with these two will soon be out, and hence we shouldn’t believe everything we read but we should try to keep an open mind.

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