Suri Cruise Catches Up on the iPad Trend!

Suri Cruise

Are you one of the lucky ones who got the first wave of the iPad? No? Thatís too bad. And the fact that Suri Cruise has one is just going to make you feel worse! Instead of dolls and other toys for kids, Suri has an iPad to play with!

We all know that sheís a very privileged little girl. You know all those shoes designer clothes that she never wears twice! But, arenít Tom and Katie going over the top in giving her this device? Sheís only 4 years old. And I donít think she can read yet so, how is she going to be able to use it?

This news came about when an eyewitness saw the Cruise family having dinner at II Cantinori in New York last May 24. According to the source, Suri amused herself with the drawing program on the iPad while her parents talked with their dinner guests. She was focused on her business with the iPad for a whole 20 minutes! She also had some stuffed toys with but she set them down in favor of the iPad.

Do you think itís good for Suri to have an iPad as young as she is?

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