Anna Nicole Smith Will Not Be Rewarded

Anna Nicole Smith with J. Howard Marshall

Iím sure you all know that Anna Nicole married a 90 year old billionaire called J. Howard Marshall way back before she died and when he died she claimed that he promised her $300 million. But apparently, the poor old guy wrote all the money to his son Pierce Marshall so Anna fought the son in court trying to take her share of the money. She did win $449 million but it was reduced on appeal and Anna wanted half of the $1.6 billion.

The young Marshall died in 2006 and so did Anna Nicole after a drug overdose in 2007.After Anna died, the lawsuit continued. If Anna won, the money would go to her daughter Dannielynn. The family attorney of Marshall released this statement to E!news "After millions of dollars of legal fees, having Pierce dragged through the mud, at least we now know that he was right and they were wrong."

The court insisted that Anna only got her $300 million and was not entitled to one cent other than that amount. After battling for 15 years, the heir which is Dannielynn who is only 3 will not get any dime from Marshallís money. Apparently Marshall didnít want to leave Anna any money other than the gifts he bought her which amounts to $7 million.

I hope Dannielynn grows up away from the media and enjoys her life knowing the good and sane side of her mother. She is now being raised by her father Larry Birkhead who is a famous photographer.

By Nina

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