Get Ready for Britney’s New Album

Britney Spears New Album

The new album is going to be amazing! This new album is more energetic than the last one according to a source. We are going to hear Brit’s new sound and we really can’t wait. I think all of Brit’s albums were good but it sounds like this one is going to hit the top of the charts like crazy.

x17online is claiming that someone who knows about the project said that immediately after the Grammy’s Britney got together with the producers of her next album and she explained to them the kind of sound, or atmosphere if you will, that she wants her new album to have. Britney is really involved in this new album because she is even co-writing some of the songs. I think Brit is a good writer and I love it when singers write their own songs because they show more sensitivity and reality.

If you loved Britney’s Blackout album, you’re also going to love this new one because the same producers will be working on it!

Hopefully we’ll be hearing Britney Spears new songs on the airwaves soon! The album was supposed to debut this summer but it might be a postponed until further notice. Are you guys excited to hear Brit’s new songs?

By Nina

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