Michael Jackson’s 3 BodyGuards Speak

We know Michael couldn’t go out without his bodyguards and who knows the star more than the people that stay and live with him 24/7. They tell a story about the late King of Pop that has never been heard before in an interview with Good Morning America.

Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon “BJ” Beard are the 3 men who worked for Michael for two years. They revealed that his life was full of "stress, paranoia and pain." We never doubted that! These men said that Michael not only had a girlfriend, but he had 2 during the time they worked for him! They also said that Michael was never a child abuser and these were false allegations.

One of the body guards, Bill, also said in the interview, “Being a man, men know men, and we [were] around him long enough to know he was a man.” The other bodyguard, Mike, seconded that by saying Michael has normal desire for women just like anybody else. There have been countless times that they chaperoned him and his lovers.

When asked what Michael was like as a father, the bodyguards said that he was an “awesome” one. And they seemed like a very affectionate family since the children are always saying “I love you” to their Dad. His upbringing of the kids can’t be faulted because they are very polite and well mannered. Ahh how cute, and sad.

And based on the interview, Michael has always been protective of his kids. He makes sure that they don’t see their images on the magazines or papers on the racks. This duty also fell on Bill Whitfield’s shoulders. That is really hurtful to hear because I know the media was harsh to Michael and they would always let him down. I wish they would have less harsh on him.

However, it wasn’t always good and fun living with Michael. Sometimes the star would rage due to financial problems. The bodyguards are usually the ones that Michael vents his anger and frustrations on. And Michael did have financial problems because the bodyguards claim that sometimes they were asked to leave the hotel because Michael’s credit card gets denied and there’s no other way to pay the bill.

I really hope Michael is in a better place now, watching over his children. He lived a stressful life and I guess his only source of happiness was his children. He didn’t want the world to hurt them like they hurt him, so as much as he could he tried to keep his kids out of the limelight. But, they are the kids of a Music Legend, they can’t escape that. Still, I hope they handle it the right, healthy way.

By Nina

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