Madonna’s Kids want her to get back with Guy Ritchie!

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

After Madonna and her younger Brazilian boyfriend Jesus Luz split up, her kids want her to get back with Guy. Madonna has four children, Rocco, David and Mercy, who were both adopted from Malawi and a thirteen year old daughter, Lourdes.

A source close to the couple says: “Both Guy and Madonna hated the way it all ended”. Adding, “They adore their children above all else and, now they’ve had time to cool off, they’re listening to what the kids have to say.”

It is known that sometimes the kids are the ones who reunite the parents and bring them back together, but will it work this time?

The kids spent Christmas this year with Guy after Maddona flew them to London to spent it with him. While there, they complained that they missed their mother. Later when Madonna flew them back home to New York, the kids complained that they missed their father!

I think Maddona and Guy were a great couple but Madonna has always been a workaholic and I think that’s what split them up.

So will she be ready to sacrifice more of her time for Guy and the kids? Only time will tell…

By Nina

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