Mischa Barton Sued Because She Couldnít Pay the Rent

Mischa Barton

Is Mischa Barton impoverished? No? If that is so, how come she couldnít even pay her rent? Itís true! She hasnít paid 3 monthsí worth of rent on the classy TriBeca apartment sheís living in right now. The apartment costs $7,000 so that totals to $21,000. This news came out after the MRA Realties Inc sued the actress. The realty company filed a suit against Barton on Thursday. The suit stipulates that she pay back the $21,300 rent as well as the legal fees.

Mischa Barton signed a one-year lease on the apartment in September last year. And according to them, the actress lived there in September and October, but suddenly she just upped and left without settling her accounts with the company. MRA tried to collect the rent from Mischa Barton in the previous month; however, they were always being rebuffed.

Last year Mischa Barton moved to New York for the filming of The Beautiful Life, which was cancelled in September. Only two episodes of the said show were aired. And now, she is back to work on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Mischa, itís not like you donít have money, so why donít you just pay the rent and be done with it?

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