Brad and Angelina Shows Some Love at Charity Ball

Brad and Angelina with Muhammed Ali

We didnít notice much public display of affection between Brad and Angelina the last time they showed up together at an art event. They stood some distance apart from each other. However, itís an entirely different story when they attended the UNICEF charity ball in Beverly Hills last Thursday. Angie looked love struck as she continued to gaze at Brad throughout the night.

Brad and Angie got to meet Muhammad Ali, 67, at the charity ball. They seemed to have a lot of fun chatting as Angie was smiling and laughing the entire time.

Brad and Angelina

And that is not all! She couldnít keep her hands off Brad even for one minute! As she chatted with Muhammad Ali, she was also running her fingers through Bradís hair.

Bradís hair must be really smooth and silky thatís why Angie canít keep her hand off!

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