Suri Cruise in Another Pair of Kitten Heels

Suri Cruise wearing Kitten Heels

Adorable Suri Cruise was walking in the streets of New York looking like a perfect little fashionista. Mother and daughter were seen on a shopping trip in the Big Apple. Suri looked so adorable in a red dress and a matching red coat! She’s also donned on a pair of gold kitten heels, making her look like a proper little miss. She also accessorized with a little green bag.

If you saw her that day I’m sure you can‘t keep your eyes off her. Unlike previous incidents wherein Suri had some difficulty walking in her high heels, this time she negotiated the stairs and pavement like a pro. The fact that her heels were securely strapped on her ankle helped a lot I think. Holding on tight to her mother’s hand also contributed a lot to her balance.

Suri shopped with Mom Katie and Grandma Kathy. They went to Soho Baby where Suri got some rain boots and a new butterfly backpack.

Suri looked very, very adorable! Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are surely very proud of her!

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