Michael Jackson’s Glove Sold for $350,000 in Auction

Michael Jackson diamond glove

Do you remember Michael Jackson’s performance at Motown’s 25th anniversary in 1983? That was a long time ago so probably not... anyway, just picture him performing with a diamond glove in his left hand. That exact diamond glove was put up for auction in New York last Saturday. Guess how much it fetched? An astounding $350,000! This amount is like seven times its original price, which $50,000. The winner of the glove is Hoffman Ma. The glove is made of cream leather and studded with rhinestones.

Hoffman Ma bought it in behalf of the Ponte 16 resort hotel and casino in Macau, China. It seems that they are going to put up a showroom for the late Ling of Pop’s memorabilia. They will have quite a showroom because aside from the gloves, the Hoffman Ma also won other Michael Jackson items like a pair of acrylic tube socks, Mj’s “zombie” shirt that he actually wore on the music video “Thriller,” and a platinum award for the album “bad.”

In a statement made by Hoffman Ma, “We aim to create a rendezvous to reminisce this great performer of the 20th century.”

This is definitely going to be another great attraction in Macau.

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