Clean Up Your Act, Lindsay Lohan!

lindsay lohan in court

Whether she likes it or not, Lindsay Lohan has to clean up her act if she doesn’t want to end up in jail. Judge Marsha Revel gave her a final warning and a final chance to do what is required of her by the law.

Lindsay was arrested last year for driving under the influence of alcohol, and as a result she was ordered to undergo alcohol education for one year and a half. Did Lindsay follow this order? Well, apparently not, because she was asked to appear in court last Friday due to violation of her probation.
Bad girl!

Lindsay’s lawyer said that Lindsay wasn’t able to observe her probation properly because of her work. However, the judge was not having it. So, this failure just made things worse for Lindsay. Judge Marsha Revel added another year to Lindsay’s probation period. She made it clear that this is the final time she’s going to give this kind of condition. If Lindsay doesn’t comply, she’s got nowhere else to go but the slammer!

The judge also said that if Lindsay is going to a leave of absence exceeding three weeks, she’d have to request a court approval first.

I think that Judge Revel’s conditions are fair enough, don’t you?
It’s really up to Lindsay now. Get your act together or end up behind bars, Lilo!

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