Michael Jackson Honored at Save The World Awards

jermaine jackson and the award

Yesterday, the annual Save The World Awards were held in Austria.
The huge event was held at the Nuclear Power Plant Zwentendorf, with the motto: “HEAL THE WORLD”.
The whole event was a tribute to Michael Jackson, who was honored for his humanitarian efforts.
A huge group of singers and performers sang some of Michael's most famous hits LIVE.

His brother, Jermaine Jackson, was present as well along with two of his sons, accepted the award on behalf of MJ.

Jermain said: "I'm very proud that Michael enriched the lives of so many people, not only with his music but with his immense generosity. Michael's message has always been 'heal the world' but he alone could never have accomplished that so it is left up to every one of us to ensure that we do."

Jermaine also performed 'Smile' and Michael's world anthem 'We are the world'.

Check out this video of some performances from the Save The World Awards.

Michael Jackson deserves this award because his music called for tolerance, peace, harmony and love.
He also worked on important social and humanitarian issues outside of the spotlight; AIDS, animal, hunger and cancer research charities as well as supporting youth, education, family and environmental initiatives.

- Save The World Awards: Tribute to Michael Jackson

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