Vanna Bonta's Hidden Secret Message

vanna bonta's secret message

You can find out all kinds of things about people on Twitter.
Vanna Bonta, for example, reveals the first jobs she took on as a young girl.
Would you believe that her first job as a little girl was playing the piano for a ballet class when she lived in Thailand. She got $1.

As a teen, she worked in an art gallery framing paintings. She secretly signed that back of some paintings she framed! So, there are some paintings out there in the world that have Vanna Bonta's signature under the backing paper seal!
She tweeted she had to do it without her boss finding out, and she had fun imagining hundreds of years in the future the painting would fall off a wall and discover the message and signature. Wait! There's a secret message too? Wow!

She dreamed she would do something with her life to make the signature valuable and help someone in the future. We wonder if she knew she'd write a novel when she grew up, and a signed copy of one of her books would go for $400? That's a fact by the way!

Now, I'm dying to know what she wrote on the back of those paintings?
Come on Vanna ... Spill the beans!

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