More Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Rumors!

angelina jolie on star

It seems Angelina Jolie pregnant is a reoccurring story every year.
Now the rumor mill has started turning and it's been claimed that Angelina is 2-months pregnant and Brad is going to be a dad yet again!

So, Star magazine has a World Exclusive on the cover!
They claim Angelina and Brad are expecting baby number 7 this year!
This is like deja vu for the zillionth time and it's kinda getting lame.
It seems those tabloids find it easy these days to put 'Angelina' and 'pregnant' on the cover when they have nothing else to put or when sales are falling for some unknown reason!

Then they go on to claim that this surprise pregnancy has come just at the right time to end an ongoing fight between Jolie and Pitt! How convenient!

Oh! this is how Star end their report on their website:
"Pick up the new Star today for the full story, including the scoop on Angie’s fertility diet and drugs, how she broke the news to Brad, her plan to take time off from work and where Brad really wants this baby to be born."

How convenient!

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