Joaquin Phoenix Tweeted about Waleg!

joaquin phoenix

Well, at least I'm hoping it's the real Joaquin Phoenix!
A couple of months ago, i posted an article asking you which Muppets character most resembled Joaquin Phoenix after his transformation into a weirdo ... sorry, into a hip hop musician!

I didn't get any responses or comments on my article and was very disappointed.
Well, that's not totally true, but i did get a comment in Spanish or Portuguese and i have no idea what the heck it says!
But it turns out that the man himself, Joaquin himself, or at least I'm hoping so, tweeted about my article on his twitter! How cool is that!?
He seems to think that the Muppets character that looks a lot like him or visa versa is Mahna Mahna!

- Which Muppets Character is Joaquin Phoenix?

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