Lost Got Tunisia a Bit Wrong

Photo 7th episode Lost

I watched the 7th episode of Lost again and i have a bit of criticism about the way the dudes over at Lost imagined Tunisia to be!
It's amazing that they got the car license plate correct, although the car series no. 207 hasn't existed yet! They've only reached series no. 136. But that's OK, not a biggie.

Then there's the issue of the accent, which they totally messed up!
The men weren't talking Tunisian Arabic! Maybe the doctor, Hajer, (whose name is a girls name, by the way) used a few Tunisian words.

As for the biggest mistake of all, which is the head dress of the men who picked up Lock in their pickup ... they were more Jordanian or Saudi than Tunisians!
Let's put aside the accent, they were wearing Kuffiyehs! Red, checkered Kuffiyehs!
Kuffiyehs are the traditional head dress in both The Middle East and the Gulf.
In Tunisia and North Africa, the men wear something called a 'Shashieh' which is some sort of hat, that's usually red.

There's another equally big mistake, which is the hospital where Lock was admitted.
People! They're in 2007! Such a shabby and horrible shack of a hospital hasn't existed since before WWI!
It's true, it's a hospital in the middle of nowhere in the desert, but believe me i know when i say that there are no such hospitals in Tunisia, not even in the desert!
How do i know, I live in Tunisia!

The Lost dudes, should have checked their info before using Kuffiyehs and portraying the hospital as a dump!

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