Slumdog Millionaire Topples Oscar Nominees!

slumdog millionaire actors Dev Patel and Freida Pinto

The story of a poor Indian kid who wins in a game show has toppled the story of a wrestler and his story of love, pain and glory. It also beat the story of a homosexual man whose life and courage changed history! Let's also not forget that it snatched a few trophies from a curious story of a man who's born old and starts aging backwards!
Now that's what's called a lucky strike!

Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire was the biggest winner of the biggest night in Hollywood!
Taking home 8 Oscars for:
Best Picture - Best Director - Best Adapted Screenplay - Best Original Score - Best Original Song - Best Cinematography - Best Film Editing and Best Sound Mixing!

And on the other hand, what did Benjamin Button take home?
Not much, only a few Golden boys for Art Direction, Makeup and Visual Effects!
It's a shame that Brad Pitt didn't take home an Oscar! But at the same time you cannot deny that Sean Penn deserved an Oscar for his role as Harvey Milk!

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