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Hey sexy boots… Get on your boots, Yeah ... Not right now ... Bossy boots!
The first performance of the night is from U2. Bono sure drove the audience crazy and kicked off The Grammys on the right note!
The practically immediately, The Best R&B Album was presented by the one and only Whitney Huston.
The Grammy goes to Jennifer Hudson!
Jen teared up as she received her trophy. It's a pity that her mom isn't present to watch her receive her Grammy. But i guess she's watching her from up in heaven.
Congrats Jen!

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson gave a swift and light introduction to the nights performers and ushered in Justin Timberlake!
JT talked a bit about growing up in Tennessee and learning about Al Green and soul music! Thus he introduced to the stage the second performance of the night, Al Green, Keith Urban and Boys II Men. JT also chipped in and sang a few verses alongside the reverend. Beautiful duet of Let's Stay Together.

Simon Baker is up next to present the big nominees of the night, Coldplay.
Chris Martin played the piano and sang Coldplay's Lost, which is off their Viva La Vida album. Then it was time to perform the chart topping song Viva La Vida!
For some reason I can't explain ... I know Saint Peter won't call my name!

Two-time Grammy winner Keith Urban presented four-time Grammy winner and nominee tonight, Carry Underwood!
Carry performed Last Name. Gosh, I love that song!

Sheryl Crow and LeAnn Rimes presented Best Country Performance by Duo or Group.
The Grammy goes to Stay by Sugarland.
Jennifer Nettles who accepted the award thanked a lot of people like her mom and even Paul McCartney!!

Duffy and Al Green presented Song of the Year award.
The Grammy goes to Coldplay and Viva La Vida! Congrats!

I've been waiting for what Kid Rock is going to perform. He did part of Amen from his Rock n' Roll Jesus album. The he did my favorite song All Summer Long! YA!
Then he did Rock n' Roll Jesus!

And for the very first time, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus perform together.
The girls did Taylor's Fifteen. Very nice! They sounded so good together!
They also presented the award for Best Pop Collaboration.
The Grammy goes to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss for their song Rich Woman.

Up next is Jennifer Hudson. She performed You Pulled Me Through.
Poor thing, she chocked up as she sang the song, and i guess we all know why.

Jason Mraz and CSI Miami's star Emily Procter presented Best New Artist award nominees, The Jonas Brothers, who performed alongside Steve Wonder!
They did one of their songs and Steve's Very Superstitious! Simply put: Very nice! Class act!

Presenting Best Rock Album are Blink182. Travis Barker showed up in an arm sling!
The Grammy goes to Coldplay! This is their second trophy of the night! Congrats!

Craig Ferguson presented Katy Perry, who performed her popular song I Kissed a Girl!
Up next is ten-time Grammy winner Kanye West and Estelle, who performed American Boy.
They also presented the Best New Artist award.
The Grammy goes to Adele. She beat Duffy to it! Congrats!

Morgan Freeman is up next. He presented Kenny Chesney, who performed his song Better as a Memory.

Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs and Natalie Cole presented Record of The Year award.
The Grammy goes to Please Read this Letter by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.
This is their second trophy of the night!

Grammy winner Queen Latifah presents 4 grammy winners, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, T.I. and Jay Z, who are performing together a smash hit 'Swagga Like Us' alongside Mommy-to-be MIA!

Kate Beckinsale -who looked great in a strapless black gown- introduced the one and only Sir Paul McCartney!
McCartney performed The Beatles' I Saw Her Standing There.

Jack Black and Charlie Hayden (who happens to be Jack's father-in-law) present the award for Best Male Pop Vocal.
The Grammy goes to John Mayer. Congrats!

Sugarland and Adele perform together for the first time ever. Well, perform after each other, anyway!
It was Stay (which is such a strong song) and then it was Chasing Pavements.

The beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow presents another live performance tonight; Radiohead!
With a whole marching band chipping in, they perform 15 Step!
Oh! Speaking of actresses who are wives of singers, i caught a glimpse of Nicole Kidman!

Samuel L. Jackson introduces T.I. and Justin Timberlake, who are performing together for the very first time. They do Dead and Gone.

Smokey Robinson joins Jamie Foxx in a salute to The Four Tops.

Josh Groban, which is a nominee himself, introduces Neil Diamond!
Diamond sang Sweet Caroline and you could actually hear the audience singing along!

John Mayer joins Keith Urban and B.B. King to perform Bo Diddley.
Bo Diddley is a rhythm and blues song first recorded and sung by Bo Diddley in Chicago and released back in 1955.

CSI New York Gary Sinise introduces a Hip Hop sensation, Grammy winner Lil Wayne.
Lil Wayne performs Tie My Hands, which is about Hurricane Katrina, with Robin Thicke.

Wil-i-am and T-Pain present the award for Best Rap Album.
The Grammy goes to Tha Carter III - Lil Wayne.

Zooey Deschanel introduced Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, who performed Rich Woman and Gone Gone Gone.

3-time Grammy winners Green Day present the final Grammy of the night, Album of The Year! And the Grammy goes to ... drum roll ... Raising Sand - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. Congrats!

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