Happy Birthday Trace Adkins!

trace adkins birthday

Today, Trace Adkins turns 47 ... Well, 47 never looked better!
This guy is like good wine; the older it gets the better it is!
He's been in the business for 12 years and he/his music only gets better with each passing year!
Trace, i wish you a wonderful day. You deserve the best. Thank you for giving your fans so much of yourself.
Enjoy your b-day, relax and savor the moment!

Hey Trace fans! Leave your birthday wishes for Trace in the comment box below ... show the guy how much you love him! Come on!

If you're not familiar with Trace Adkins and who he is, check out a glimpse after the jump ...

Trace Adkins was born on January 13th, 1962 in a small town in Louisiana called Serpeta.
Although his interest in music came at a very early age, he wasn't a Country music singer from the beginning.
Trace studied at Louisiana Tech University, where he also played football.
He then went on to work as a rough neck on an oil rig!
He then changed lanes and started pursuing a career in singing.
Trace's first single was "There's a Girl in Texas", which was released in 1996 and then his debut album Dreaming Out Loud was released.

More about Trace Adkins

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