Heath Ledger Wins Best Supporting Actor Award

heath ledger wins golden globe

The Dark Knight won several awards last week at the People's choice Awards and last night, late actor Heath Ledger won a Golden Globe for Best supporting actor for his portrayal of The Joker in the movie.
He might not be with us in body and is not aware that he's been repeatedly awarded for his talent, yet he remains with us in spirit and watching his movies will be in honor of his memory for all his fans.

His family was honored by this win and although his dad couldn't make it to the event last night he did reveal his joy with this recognition.
Even his co-stars in The Dark Knight expressed their bittersweet feelings.
Aaron Eckhart said: "Just that we're talking about him, remembering him, we're showcasing his talent and him as a human being, is very important to me. For us - everyone in The Dark Knight - this is all for Heath."

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