Ajira in Arabic Doesn't Mean Eternal Life After Death!

ajira airways

During the LOST Season 5 promo, which is a music video for the song "You Found Me" by the band The Fray, we caught a couple of flashes of a logo; a tiger and flames! What's that all about?
Well, this is a new maze the guys over at LOST and ABC put us through!
This is the logo of a new airliner, Ajira Airlines! Neat! Ajira means Island in Hindi!
Does that have any significance? You bet your #$% it does!

Well, there's one thing i have to mention, which is a correction to something written about Ajira in Lostpedia ... They mention that Ajira in Arabic means Eternal Life after Death and that's simply not true! Ask me because my mother-tongue is Arabic! So i know!

What have you got to say about Ajira Airlines? Let me in on your thoughts, I'd love to see what you Lost fans think, becasue i have no idea myself!

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