Most Buzzed About Celebrity Photos of 2008

most buzzed about photos

During 2008, many celebrity photos made a huge buzz and some were even considered controversial!
The most talked about photo was the one where Miley Cyrus posed with her back bare and wrapped only in a satin bed sheet!
The Vanity Fair photo, shot by famous photographer Annie Leibowitz, was considered an adult pose!
Another photo which made the rounds, and was taken by the paparazzi, was that of Britney Spears as she was being wheeled out of her home on a gurney.
It was a dark time for Britney and she was taken to hospital after a three-hour standoff with the police!

heath ledger body

It was a sad and cold moment when the medical examiners wheeled out the body of Heath Ledger from his apartment after he died from an accidental drug overdose.
The photo was and is still chilling.

amy winehouse - miley cyrus

Amy Winehouse has a good photo taken of her once in a blue moon!
Most her photos are disastrous! Yellow teeth, bruised arms, black-with-mascara eyes and a very pale face!
More Miley Cyrus photos! This time leaked from her MySpace account!
The photos were talked about all over the internet and the news and the papers!
In them, Miley was either seen in the shower, or pouting her lips, or exposing her belly. She was never seen naked, but either in tiny clothes or underwear.

Pretty interesting ha?!

What other celebrity photos did you find interesting and buzz worthy?

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