Condolences to Jennifer Hudson

jennifer hudson and her mom

Our deepest condolences go out to Jennifer Hudson ... It must be a tragic time for her now and she needs all the support she can get.
If you haven't heard, Jennifer's mom and brother were found shot to death in their Chicago home on Friday. Her seven-year-old nephew (her sister's son) has also been reported missing. It seems he has been taken from the crime scene..
Jen was under lots of stress yesterday, as she was doing one of the hardest things a person has to endure; identifying the bodies of her mom and brother.
Her reps have said that she currently feels 'numb' with shock.

Neighbors seem to have heard gunshots between 8am and 9am local time on the south side of the city, but 911 wasn't dialed until 3pm, when Hudson's cousin, discovered the star's mum shot in the head in the living room.
Officers subsequently found the body of her brother Jason, who had also died from bullet wounds, in his case to the chest, in an upstairs bedroom.

This is a very difficult time for Jennifer. We wish her all the best and may the Lord be with her.

Unfortunately, after hours of searching for Jennifer's nephew, the police found a body and it turned out to be the little boy's body ... he was only 7. May they all rest in peace ...

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