"W" Movie Trailer is Out: Watch the Making of a President

george bush

How’d you like to see US President George W. Bush’s life portrayed on the big screen?
I’m sure this will cause a huge stir. In fact you have to get ready for it right now because the life of the 43rd US President will be heading your way in the movie entitled “W.”
This Lionsgate movie directed by Oliver Stone portrays the important events in George W. Bush’s life and how he ended up in the White House. In the movie trailer the first thing you’ll witness is a young George W. Bush, played by Josh Brolin, gambling and having fun in a club, then getting himself arrested for crashing his car into a house. You can see him being led into jail while in his Yale sweatshirt. There was also a scene with his father, wherein the older Bush (James Cromwell) was reprimanding him for his atrocious behavior. Josh Brolin looks perfect for the part as the George W. Bush during his younger days.

While the song “What a Wonderful World” played in the background, the trailer shows the people that George W. Bush associated when he became President. There was Laura Bush (Elizabeth Banks), Dick Cheney (Richard Dreyfuss) and Colin Powell (Jeffrey Wright – Felix Leiter. Also included in the film are Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush and Thandie Newton as Condoleeza Rice. Certainly, “W” is one star-studded movie.

Oliver Stone portrays Bush’s life as fair as possible. He illustrates the film as a tragicomedy because “You have to laugh a little bit (at Bush’s presidency) because there are so many sad things in this.” “W” is Stone’s third foray into depicting the heads of the United States. Stone’s previous projects in this area were “Nixon” and “John F. Kennedy”.

The making of this film was hushed up. Reports only came out when the some of the actors got arrested after a ruckus in a bar in Louisiana. The film is not due until October 17, but its trailer is already creating so much frenzy! Well, it’s going to be interesting to see the making of a President. Bush haters and supporters alike won’t pass this up for sure.

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