Josh Peck is All Matured in "The Wackness"

josh peck

The hunks of Hollywood not enough for you? Here’s a new one you can watch out for – Josh Peck! The former child star from Nickelodeon and "Nick and Josh" is now all grown up and looking like a dreamboat! If you watched Drake and Josh, you’ll remember him as the chubby kid. Try to compare him from then and now ... see the huge difference?
He’s now very trim with a scruffy-looking beard with attractively deep-set eyes. Together with the physical changes is the role he plays in his new movie "The Wackness".

Josh Peck plays a more mature role in this movie. He’s Luke Shapiro who is a sexually repressed and awkward teenage drug dealer. There’s even a scene in the shower as he loses his virginity to Olivia Thirby, his psychiatrist’s daughter!!
According to Josh, his role in "The Wackness" represented where he was at that time in his life so, he could really relate to Luke’s character.

Josh stars in "The Wackness" alongside Ben Kingsley and Mary Kate Olsen.

Josh Peck seems to be the next hottest dude in Hollywood.
Check out this dreamboat today!

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