Vanna Bonta is into Genes!

vanna and her dog sky

Vanna Bonta in unlike any celebrity you know! She's into space and paper clips and genes!
Vanna has this fantastic and cuddly dog named Sky and she's decided to get its DNA tested! How many people have ever done that?!
Vanna wants to do this not for any other reason but out of curiosity!
Have you ever noticed that dogs come in more sizes, shapes, coat length, fur type, color and personality, more than any other animal?
That has largely been unexplained but a new study says it's all in the genes. Aha!

Vanna's Flight quantum fiction novel about a girl with no bellybutton whose personality raises questions about extraterrestrial life had fans wondering about her own DNA (and belly button). The novel also stars a vegetarian!? Samoyed dog named Onx, whose alter-ego is a miniature dragon in another dimension! Bizarre!

Well, dogs share 85% of genes with humans and we're guessing Vanna wishes more humans shared the one for "man's best friend" if it's really in the genes!

Gosh! I'd sure love to have a cup of coffee with Vanna! She's so down to earth and normal! Her bizarre ideas make her even more interesting!

Photo Source: AMG

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