Another Mary Kate Olsen Fashion Disaster!

olsen fashion disaster

This is the third time i feature Mary Kate Olsen in my Fashion Disaster posts.
Mary Kate showed up at an event in New York last night in something horrid!

Let's see ... a black velvet headband by Marc Jacobs. I'd give that a 1/10 grade!
A mustard colored clutch by Dior. I'd give that a 2/10 grade!
Then there's the dress ... i can't even begin to describe it! It's too big, too many colors and too 'oldie' for MK! Not to be cruel, I'd give the dress a 1/10 grade too!
This time MK has made a huge mistake ... a horrid combination and ugly items too! Blagh!

What do you think of Mary Kate's outfit? Cool or Disastrous?

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