Sean Penn and Robin Wright Stops Divorce

Last December we were saddened by the fact that another Hollywood couple, Sean Penn and Robin Wright, have decided to call their marriage quits. Maybe time has a way of healing whatever barriers that may have developed in their marriage because reports now say that the couple has called off the divorce proceedings! And this request was granted. Well, all hail! Iím thinking that theyíve patched up their differences and are willing to give their marriage another try. Prior to this event, the couple was seen cozying up together at an Eddie Vedder concert in San Francisco.

It is good to know that Sean does his best to win back Robin. They will be one of the exceptions if they make it through this rough time, especially in Hollywood where marriage and divorce is already a commodity. Heck .. an 11-year marriage is too precious to just throw away, right? And Iím really glad they are working things out. Iím sure their two teen-age children are very happy too!

By Raissa

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