Russell Crowe Does Esquire

russell crowe does esquire

Russell Crowe is one hell of an actor ... i love all his movies, there's not one movie which he was in, that was crappy!
Well, the Aussie hottie is in the December issue of Esquire magazine ... talking about a load of stuff, like his latest role in the great movie American Gangster. This is his third movie with director Ridley Scott.
Russell says he should have worked more with Scott, he tells Esquire: " ... Probably i should have done more work with Ridley straight after Gladiator because we knew then that we enjoyed the way each other worked".
Turns out that Russell is currently working with Scott on a new movie about Al-Qaeda. He says: "Yeah! I'm off to Morocco. The story's really about the weeping soul that is American international politics. It's a very short shoot for me, probably about five weeks, which is perfect".
Esquire asks Russell about the money! ... If he'd ever done a movie solely for the money, he answers: "Never ... You've got to have a higher level of motivation than money to get up at 4 am day in, day out over a number of months. Money doesn't do it for me". Hollywood needs more actors like this dude!

Before becoming an actor, Russell Crowe went through different odd jobs, did he enjoy any of them? Well, turns out, he enjoyed all of them! He says: "If you're a waiter, the worst thing you can do is go to work resenting your job. So i used to say: 'Ok, folks, It's show time!' When i was a waiter i tried to be the best waiter i could, and when i was a bingo caller i tried to be the best bongo caller. That's just the way i think".

The rest of the interview is pretty interesting, so get your copy of Esquire's December issue. It's worth it!

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