Jackson 5 Tour Coming Up!

jackson 5

They were great at one point, but then things went stinky and each went in a seperate way in different directions. It seems the time has come, when all they could do to save themselves is to reunite and go on a tour ... the Jackson 5 have reached that point!
Marlon, Tito, Jackie and Jermaine will team up with their 'not-so-cute-anymore-brother' Michael and will be going on a tour, just like the old days! It seems the plan is for a 2008 tour.
They were cute and successful a long time ago, will they have the same success after all these long years?
I hope their tour won't be a huge flop!

I used to love their song from way back in 1981 was 'Can you feel it' ...
What about you? What was your favorite J5 single?

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