Boring Celebrity News for Today!

Jennifer Garner is in France promoting her newest movie 'The Kingdom'. Jen had some free time on her hands, so what better way to spend it than shopping!
She was spotted in Paris, shopping for her daughter Violet at the fashionable children's boutique Bonpoint.

Courtney Love was a scary sight as the Givenchy runway show on Wednesday. She's there to attend a few shows as part of the Paris Fashion Week.
Love was head to toe in animal print ... but the thing is, her face was frighteningly skinny! More like totally skeletal!

I forgot to congratulate Britney Spears on finally getting her California driving license! Congrats Brit Brit!
She was spotted driving confidently around L.A. , not that 'not having a legal license' prevented her from driving!

Both George Clooney & Brad Pitt are busy working on the set of their latest movie 'Burn After Reading'.
Clooney is recovering well from his motorcycle accident, only a few scratches are left on his arm.

Paris Hilton is back to her usual disguise; black wig & huge glasses! She's in Toronto filming her new movie 'Repo! The Genetic Opera'. That doesn't stop her from partying. She was spotted at Toronto's C Lounge after attending a James Blunt concert.

Cameron Diaz is working on her latest movie in New York. She's stars along side Ashton Kutcher in 'What Happens in Vegas'. The co-stars were spotted at a recent football game with Demi Moore.

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