Who is Naveen Andrews?

naveen andrews

Why have i chosen to write about this guy? Because i'm hooked to 'Lost' & i like Sayid! Well, i like Sawyer too, but I'll write about him later!
Ok, so Naveen is an English actor of Indian origin & has started gaining popularity in America after taking on the role of Iraqi Sayid Jarrah in the ever so popular TV series 'Lost'.
But Naveen has also starred in The English Patient, Bride & Prejudice, Provoked & most recently Grindhouse.
Here's an interesting fact about him, at age 16 he hooked up with his Math teacher, moved in with her & they had a son together!

It seems Naveen has a thing for older women, cause he has been shacking up with actress Barbara Hershey & they're living in Los Angeles together!

What do you think of his character, Sayid, in 'Lost'?

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