Snoop Dogg Faces 4 Years in Jail

snoop dogg

Remember last year, when Snoop Dogg was arrested a couple of times ... well, the 35-year-old rap star has gotten charged with two felony counts of transporting marijuana & possession of a firearm by a felon. How lucky can Snoop Dogg be?
This is no joke, because Dogg could be looking at serious jail time, including up to four years behind bars!
Why are this conviction so serious for dogg? Because he's a felon; he was convicted in 1990 for cocaine possession & pleaded guilty to illegal gun possession in 1993. You'd think he would learn his lesson, no?

Snoop Dogg's attorney said: "These were changes we fully expected. They will be dealt with in court tomorrow. The matter will be resolved tomorrow."

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