Denise Richards : Not a Nipple Slip!

denise richards

Denise Richards & lover boy Richie Sambora have been vacationing in Maui for some time now ... They seem to be enjoying the sand, sun & sea ... I have to admit, who wouldn't? But, Richie over-cooked himself in the sun! He's burning red! -click on the photo to enlrage & see how red Richie is!-
Just yesterday, the unthinkable happened! & the paparazzi were there to snap it!
The two love birds were at the beach soaking in the sun, when suddenly, no ... Not a nipple slip, but a 'beaver' slip! ... If you get the drift!
I guess we could call this the first 'private parts' slip of 2007! Congratulations Denise!
Gosh! Those paparazzi's don't let any thing pass them by!

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