Vanna Bonta Has Holiday Gift Advice

Vanna Bonta

Vanna Bonta is among a number of artists and radio celebrities who donated a performance to an entertainment CD compilation of music and stories going to cheer thousands of children confined to hospitals this holiday. Bonta was also found entertaining inside friends with recordings and personal messages on myspace. One little Bonta story has a gift of advice we could all use regarding the holiday stress surrounding gifts.

Putting it simply, the golden-locked poet says, "Gifts have ribbons, not strings."

This time of year, a lot of people get tied up in knots over protocols, symbolism, politics, coercions, and demands that complicate the whole gift business. But the minute it has strings, Bonta's story goes, it's not a gift.

Those not with the spirit need to put a bow on it! Or strings theory says it comes from the heart or not at all.

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