Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsay Turns 40

gordon ramsay & tana

You know this guy! He is Gordon Ramsay, one of the best English chefs in the world! He is also the UK's richest chef - with a personal fortune estimated at 67 million! He is mostly known as the fiery superchef with bad language & temper tantrums ... He's that chef that screams & shouts & blows smoke from his ears in Hell's Kitchen!

gordon ramsay cuts his cake

Yesterday, Chef Gordon celebrated his 40th birthday in London. But it wasn't with fire & smoke, but with yummy cake, champagne, kisses & hugs.
To his family, he is plain & simply daddy ... he's got a beautiful wife, Tana & four cute kids, Megan, Matilda, Holly & Jack.
Happy Birthday Chef Gordon.

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