Demi Moore Had Knee Plastic Surgery!

demi moore's new knees

It is also no secret that Demi Moore is very sensitive about her age & her body.
Demi Moore wants her body to be perfect for her 15-years-younger husband Ashton Kutcher. Demi has been working on her body for some time now, by dieting, exercising & plastic surgery, now she has reached her knees.
It seems Demi has had her knees done, because she hates how they sag!
According to a British newspaper, Demi has gone to Dr. Brian Novack, who has already done work for her & asked him to see what he could do for her.
Well, Demi showed off her new knees at the Hollywood Film Festival 10th Annual Hollywood Awards on Monday. It is thought that the knee surgery has cost her around $9000.

What cosmetic surgeons believe Demi has had done:

Liposuction to her hips, inner & outer thighs & stomach - $30000
Beast implants for 1996 film Striptease - $20000
Subsequent operation to reduce her breast implants & have a breast lift - $17000
Brow lift - $6500
Chemical facial skin peel - $18000
Collagen injections (per course) - $350
Teeth veneered & laser whitening - $24000
A long-term diet & fitness routine, including nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga instructor & kick-boxing champion - $310000
Knees surgery - $9000

Add that up ...

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