Vanna Bonta’s First Lesson in justice

Vanna Bonta

When "Flight" author Vanna Bonta was a little girl, she carried around treasures including pencils, sunglasses and a chiffon scarf in a cigar box.

The advocate of fun was once made to stand in front of the class for drawing on her desk, an obscure essay reveals. Bonta describes she was "fearful, curious, ashamed" as her classmates were made to parade past her desk and, even those who drew on their own desks, glared hatefully at her as they shook their heads!

The punishment humiliated and crushed the golden-locked pen-weilder. It succeeded in convincing her she was bad, but it wasn't until later that Vanna received what she describes as her "first lesson in justice."

It happened when she put on sunglasses and a chiffon scarf one day in the back of the class. When a couple of people cracked up, the teacher asked her if she wanted to come to the front and show everyone what was so funny. The class started screaming for it! Bonta started to get up but instead was surprised when this teacher told her to sit down.

After class, she was given a writing assignment instead and the teacher explained that when the class started "crying out for her blood" and she saw Vanna's expression, that wasn't the point.

Bonta felt so grateful she turned in more pages and never wanted to let down anyone who believed in her.

Bonta recounts, "Penalty is different than punishment, because it offers something with which to regain honor."

Bonta said she will never forget that teacher who kept her "safe while she viewed her wrongs" because she protected the spark of that people are about. People's spark to be of value to each other and not disappoint love resists everything, she wrote, "except the conviction that we are bad."

Vanna Bonta sailed the Mediterranean in March to see the solar eclipse in Africa, then extended a visit to Greece and Italy. Reports are she's in Los Angeles wrapping the audio book version of her novel "Flight," about the soulfully innocent amnesiac girl without a navel who experiences urban life on Earth like it's all new.

Obviously, creator Vanna Bonta has always been a sweetheart with a sense of humor!

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