Does Vanna Bonta Have a Navel?

When Vanna Bonta's novel about mysterious Aira Flight, girl with no navel looking for true love, hit the bookstores, the multitalented budding novelist enthused some fans who believed the book was autobiographical and that Bonta, like her heroine, was from an extraterrestrial world.

Ricki Lake brought Bonta on national television to ask, and audience members asked her questions like if she ate food.

Bonta showed belly for her role as Zed's queen in the fantasy classic movie The Beastmaster, but wore a SFX prosthetic pregnancy tummy for the famous scene where witches transfer Marc Singer to the womb of an oxen.

There's chat room talk and gossip buzz sexy geek queen Bonta, who has flown in zero gravity got a "button job," i.e., had umbilicoplasty, the cosmetic surgery procedure that converts innies to outies and vice versa.

Did Vanna Bonta get a button job? A navel installed where there was none before?

Does Vanna Bonta Have a Navel (belly button)?
- Yes
- No
- Maybe a 1/2 navel
- Don't want to know

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