Vanna Bonta Sees God !

Vanna Bonta

Vanna was always ethereal, even as a little girl, claims a source who prefers to remain undisclosed. A school chum remembers Vanna's mother, a strong-willed Italian artist, wouldn't let her take the Catholic sacrament of Holy Communion until she was 8, older than the other American kids. When Vanna did receive it, she believed she was communing with God and went back to the church pew and buried her face in her hands and cried! The source remembers. "Vanna really believed it was holy communiion, she communed with God, she was crying with happiness and it embarassed her!"

Even though Vanna went to a Catholic missionary school in the Orient, her schoolmates there were Buddhists, Muslims and all nationalities. Vanna was always writing poems and interested in practicing different religion rituals of her friends! That could be why the stirringly articulate Miss Bonta was quoted at age 13 in the Columbia Gazette saying, "I'm in love with the whole world."

Bonta reportedly won't belong to any religion that draws barriers between people and believes that "tears and laughter" are clues to the what she calls the universal religion of the human heart.

Former schoolyard pals of the world-travelling Bonta says they almost learned more about God from the experiences on the playground with such a sweet girl! "She was always seeing deep," a chum recalls.

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