A Petition Dares Emma Watson to Stay at a Migrant Camp

The on-screen enchantress hasn’t responded to the petition yet!

Emma Watson Petition

Emma Watson, aka Hermione Granger was the sharpest of sorceresses at Hogwarts. However, if you’re a famous woman supporting feminism, then the internet hate army is ready to surround you with bad-faith and challenges.

As such a petition has been issued calling Emma Watson to spend one week in a migrant camp in Calais to prove how “safe” refugees were. The petition declares the below:

“In order to show how safe current migration is to Europe, particularly regarding the cause of feminism (I reject wholeheartedly the notion that North African and Middle Eastern migrants are unsafe, and rapists), Emma Watson should spend a week’s holiday in a Calais migrant camp, without guards of course, to show how safe, and how pro feminism these migrants are.”

So far the petition has garnered more than 14,500 signatures. While Ms. Watson hasn’t responded to the petition publically, we are certain that the petition is an inclination to drive bad-faith to feminist women!