People are getting more shallow with KIMOJI


Kim Kardashian has just got to have an app!! And it’s all about a bunch of emojis of her a$$ and thong and boobs!!! How lovely, you get to express yourself with those things!!!

Kim launched her new “dope” app, as her hubby Kanye likes to call it, KIMOJI on Monday and the downloads started happening like crazy to the extent that the app had technical difficulties!

Would you believe that Apple store crashed! Kim even tweeted an apology to Apple: “Apple, I’m so sorry I broke your App Store!!!”

It seems TMZ kept tabs on the number of downloads and it was like 9000 downloads per millisecond! That’s out of this world! Has any other app on the Store gotten so much traffic??? Ever???

This proves to me one thing: people of the world are becoming more shallow by the millisecond!!!