Mercedes Benz Ventures into the Pickup Truck Sector

Mercedes Benz Concept X Class

Luxury in the form of a pickup truck! Yes folks this is the latest goal fulfilled by premium car brand Mercedes Benz. This latest development is what a lot of Mercedes Benz and pickup truck enthusiasts have been waiting for.

By teaming up with Nissan, Mercedes Benz has created the new and stylish X-Class concept, which is a mid-size truck and boasts an all-wheel drive and six-cylinder diesel engine. With such power this pickup would have no trouble driving through even the roughest terrain.

The Mercedes Benz X-Class pickup will be available in two variants. One nicknamed Powerful Adventurer is for off-road use and the other one is the premium Stylish Explorer. The more rugged version Powerful Adventurer is designed with extra protection on the wheel arches electric winch at the front as well as a metal hook at the back. Moreover it’s designed with higher ground-clearance and ride height. The more premium variant on the other hand boasts a more refined exterior. But in terms of tech both variants have similar features.

Mercedes Benz Pickup Truck x Class

According to Mercedes Benz the X-Class is the answer to the many truck drivers’ desire for a vehicle that can be used for both private and commercial purposes.

However, for those in the U.S. it’s going to be bad news because there’s no telling when or if the Mercedes Benz X-Class will make it to their side of the world. By late 2017, the X-Class will be available in European, Australian, and South African markets.

mercedes x class front