China’s LeEco unveils its Very First Electric Car

Drivers, get ready to give up your reins!

LeEco electric car

Automated electric cars are the future of automobiles. While a lot of companies have been working on this indigenous concept, China’s LeEco unveiled its first electric car called as the LeSEE that actually moves!

The self-driving and self-parking vehicle uses voice commands via a mobile app to operate. In addition, the car has an autonomous mode, where the steering wheel will fold back into the console to make more space for the driver. To be used majorly as a fleet vehicle, the front of the car displays a smart screen that showcases specific data about the car and its availability for use. The seats are designed and equipped with personal screen to permit passengers to control their entertainment.

The first LeSEE electric car will make its official debut at the Beijing Auto Show on April 24th. While no details have been revealed on the pricing, we must say that the LeSEE promises to be a solid concept!

Chinese LeEco electric car