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Cute Electric Nissan Denki Cube

Electric Nissan Denki Cube Concept

Among Nissan’s automobile line-up, its newly debuted Denki Cube is definitely different. And I don’t say that in a negative way. The Denki Cube really stands out from the rest because of its unique design. The design is the first thing that will make you want to take a closer at it. Compared to the vehicles we usually see these days, the Denki Cube is really squarish in design, well, hence the name Cube. It is also surrounded by glass windows making it cozy and charming to look at. It also has a glass roof giving passengers an excellent view of the sky when cruising around. And another amazing thing about the Nissan Denki Cube is that it is an electronically operated vehicle.

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Mar 29, 2008 Concept CarsNissan

Honda Civic Has Problematic Handbrakes

Honda Civic 2007

One of the leading automobile makers, Honda, is facing some problems regarding its popular and best-selling auto model the Honda Civic. The company is sending letters to Honda Civic owners all over Britain, alerting them of the problem with the handbrakes. But this problem is only limited to the Honda Civics that were manufactured in 2006 to 2007 in the factory located in South Marston, close to Swindon.

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Hyundai to Unleash Genesis Coupe

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Hyundai’s Genesis Coupe is about to be released in this week’s New York motor show. If you will look back on last year you can probably recall the hubbub made about the new Hyundai Genesis platform. The first product that came out using this platform is the Hyundai Genesis Sedan which was unveiled at the Detroit auto show. And now Hyundai has come up with another, this time a coupe.

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Talking Car Soon To Be a Reality

How would you like to have a talking car? If you haven’t thought about it, then you’d better do so because pretty soon a talking car will be a reality. This is not a joke or just a result of watching too much of Knight Rider. The Carsite project aims to bring more advanced technology into the automotive industry. This is being done so as to help older folks drive more safely on the streets. The Carsite project studies in-car speech messages to bring geographic data and give warning to the driver if there are hazards and traffic.

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