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Posted by Raissa | Aug 29, 2011

Volkswagen Up! The New Small but Great Car!

Volkswagen Up

If I were to buy a car in the near future, my choice would be the new Volkswagen Up! This latest production car from VW is soo cute that news about it just has to be shared. Anyway, this new cute car is set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month so you can get a long good look at it. But now we can already give a few of this new carís highlights.

First of all, the new Volkwagen Up has a totally new design so expect it to be quite different from the one unveiled back in 2007. The new Up! Has three doors and ample interior space.It can accommodate up to four persons. There are different boxes to keep things in order. It also has a minimal footprint 3.54 x 1.64m, which makes it ideal for city use.

There will be three trims available for this VW car: entry-level Take Up, comfort-oriented Move Up!, and top version High Up! All these will be equipped with new 3-cylinder, 1-liter petrol engine that are capable of pumping up 60 PS and 75 PS. With the help of the new BlueMotion Technology with Stop/Start system, the 60 PS has a fuel consumption of 4.2 1/100 km while the 75 PS has 4.3 1/100 km.

Volkswagen Up Interior

Volkswagen Up! comes with great interior features and safety technology including Personal Infotainment Device, Navigon and many others.

Watch out for the Volkswagen Up! next month!